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Broward Education Foundation, a popular resource for deeply discounted dining certificates has partnered with The Broward Education Foundation which provides a wide range of valuable educational services and helps students in the region achieve their goals and realize the dream of attending college. It provides grants in the total of hundreds of thousands of dollars to teachers in the region, and it hosts a wide range of fundraising and other programs for students and teachers in Broward County. The Foundation energizes the extended community and provides quality education to the region. It works as an advocate of education and helps students achieve their absolute highest potential in academics. The mission of Broward Education Foundation is implemented through local programs, fundraising and other efforts and improves student learning outcomes from pre-K to 12th grade. It provides scholarships to qualified high school seniors and a wide range of other types of financial support. Broward Education Foundation provides grants to teachers In 2014, the Broward Education Foundation provided grants of $187,700 to teachers with a total of 368 grants. They were awarded on a competitive basis and there were over 600 requests for grants, so there is a greater need than the available fund. The grants were awarded for a range of different projects including arts, science, technology, drama and more. The grants are awarded on a priority basis and focuses first on educating students in financial literacy, interdisciplinary teaching promotion, alternative learning strategies. Priority is also given to programs that involve community organizations, businesses and parents. Programs that bridge cultural and ethnic barriers are also prioritized, as well as collaborative efforts between teachers. Broward Education Foundation helps students attend college One of the main missions of Broward Education Foundation is to help students in the area achieve their goal of attending college. The foundation raises money to provide scholarships to graduation seniors who qualify. Students can receive scholarships to attend a vocational school, community college or a university depending on their goals. The fund is called the Broward Education Foundation Scholarship Fund and receives support from the Broward Advisors for Continuing Education. There are several scholarship programs available and funding programs including the Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program, Community Foundation of Broward, College In-Kind Scholarships, Memorial/Honor Scholarships, Cash Scholarships, Endowment Funded Scholarships and several others. The Foundation has a student events calendar where you can find more information about their events related to scholarships. The Tools for Schools Broward provides supplies for students One of the most successful programs that the Broward Educational Fund has performed is the Tools for Schools Broward program which has received donations from several prominent companies including Elmer’s, 3M Company, Kids in Need Foundation, Dixon Ticonderoga, Target, Staples and individuals. These companies have provided over $6 million in supplies for the program and 300,000 students as well as 15,000 teachers have received free school supplies. The program depends on the donations of companies and individuals, and if you are looking to support students in the area it is one of the best programs to donate to. In general, any of your donations to the Broward Education Foundation will be wisely used to promote and improve education in the region.


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