Charity Dine was founded on the principal belief that by providing people with savings, we could provide the incentive for consumers to make purchases that will help great causes in need. It is our belief that every individual has a cause that they would love to contribute to in some way, but in many cases have not found an effective or economic way to convey their assistance. Charity Dine's interactive platform enables consumers to purchase discounted restaurant certificates to some of their favorite places to dine, while getting to choose which charity receives 15% of the purchase price of the certificate. The contribution to charity is drawn from our sale proceeds and not from our customer.

We believe that people are very good natured and would love to feel that they have made a positive difference. In everybody's heart is the desire to help improve or even save the lives of others. We know that consumers also love to save money and our platform offers a wonderful and unique combination of these benefits.

Charity Dine has created affiliate agreements with a cross section of highly reputable, well known nationally accredited charities. While most of our charities benefit causes both nationally and internationally, we also understand that local communities have interests in need. Charity Dine has made a commitment to establishing affiliate agreements with charities that benefit causes specific to a particular community. As a result, we believe that our list of charities will relate to the diverse interests of our customers.