15% of your CharityDine.com certificate purchase price (during particular campaigns 25% of your certificate purchase price) will be donated to the charity of your choice, based upon our charity affiliate list that we provide to you.

Simply enter the location for which you would like to dine in our "Restaurant Search" window and you will be able to select CharityDine.com certificates for the specific restaurant of your choice, based upon the list that we provide. Each CharityDine.com certificate is available to you at a dramatic discount to its face value. You may purchase a certificate(s) at anytime, simply by clicking on "add to cart".

When you checkout, you will be given the option of which charity you would like to have receive the donation amount, which comes from our sale proceeds, NOT FROM YOUR WALLET. For example, if you purchase a $50 CharityDine.com certificate for $20, you will see the transaction listed as follows: $3 to your charity and $17 to Charity Dine, LLC. You will see confirmation of the charitable donation on your bank statement.

You may take the CharityDine.com certificate to the particular restaurant that you have selected within 90 days of the time it was purchased. When you receive the bill from your waiter, you simply submit the CharityDine.com certificate, which the restaurant then validates and deducts from your bill amount. You have saved money and helped a great cause in need!