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Hospice of Palm Beach County Charitydine.com, a popular resource for deeply discounted dining certificates has partnered with The Hospice of Palm Beach County which provides support to those who are terminally ill and helps them live every day to the fullest. The care provided by the Hospice of Palm Beach County helps to ease symptoms like anxiety and pain as much as possible, and allows the families to focus on each other. The hospice provides care that is tailored for every patient and the unique needs of each family are honored. The hospices focus on providing a holistic form of care that focuses on all aspects of well-being including spiritual, psychological and physical. It provides a valuable service to terminally ill patients in Palm Beach County and the hospice depends on the support of public and private donors to sustain itself. The history of the Hospice of Palm Beach County As recently as the 1970s there were only two main hospice care organizations in the United States, and they were located in California and Connecticut. Hospice care is now seen as an integral part of Broward and Palm Beach Counties ever since the Hospice of Palm Beach County was founded in 1978. It was first founded by a group of volunteers who also founded the Hospice of Boca Raton which later became the Hospice by the Sea. They were both non-profit organizations established with the purpose of providing hospice care for everyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay and their financial status. Providing care customized for patients The care provided by the Hospice of Palm Beach County is customized for every patient and is focused on making their final days as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Expert medical care is provided with the latest palliative treatments and technology. Symptom and pain relief is provided through every treatment possible. If the patient needs special equipment or supplies those are provided. There is also education and support provided to caregivers and families to assist them as much as possible. Spiritual and emotional support is provided to the family of the patients as well. The hospice provides care inside of patient homes and it also provides several in-patient facilities where patients can stay in circumstances where they may need to, such as when they need routine medical monitoring. Supplies and medical care can be delivered to patients when they live outside of these facilities. Serving over 200,000 families Over the past 35+ years, the Hospice of Palm Beach County has served over 200,000 families and provided valuable hospice services, in conjunction with the Hospice by the Sea. The two organizations came together to serve as one with their common history and purpose, and in 2014 TrustBridge Health was created as a parent company to the hospice organizations, along with Harbar Palliative Care and FocusCare Home Health Agency. These organizations work together to provide the not-for-profit hospice care in the region, and it is the largest provider of hospice care with over 1,900 patients per day, 800 volunteers and 1,400 employees. The hospice depends on the valuable support of volunteers and charitable donations in order to function.


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