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Little Smiles, a popular resource for deeply discounted dining certificates has partnered with Little Smiles which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children in hospitals, shelters, hospices and other similar facilities. Little Smiles works with medical professionals to help children get out of these environments for as long as possible and offers them relief and fun. The daily routine of a hospitalized child can include medications, medical regimens, and other mundane treatments and routines. Little Smiles helps children stay happy and positive when they are undergoing painful medical treatments and offers them a nice break from their regular lifestyle. Little Smiles makes the life of hospitalized children a little brighter by giving them fun activities to participate in such as themed movie nights, parties, snack food runs, and more. About the Florida Chapter of Little Smiles Little Smiles Florida was founded in 1999 and was the first chapter of the Little Smiles Organization. Since then it has opened branches in North Carolina and Philadelphia. It was founded with a team of diverse individuals include physicians, nurses, and business leaders who wanted to improve the lives of children and believed that an organization for sick children was needed. Little Smiles Philadelphia was founded by Paul Donohue, who is the founder of Little Smiles Florida, and it has the same mission statement of Little Smiles Florida, and Little Smiles North Carolina was founded in a similar way. All of the organizations serve thousands of children in the regions where they operate and have a dedicated board of volunteers who want to improve the lives of sick children. Little Smiles was inspired by a child’s wish A little girl who was hospitalized inspired the organization. She gave her time to other children when she felt well enough and shared her gifts and anything she was given with others. Her only wish was that other people would help and protect sick children selflessly in the same way that she did in spite of her limited resources. A businessman was inspired by that child’s wish, and created Little Smiles to provide toys to children who were hospitalized. Little Smiles focuses part of its mission on encouraging other children to help children in the same way that the original little girl helped her friends, but it also has become a major organization that encourages volunteers to help. Little Smiles works with many organizations and individuals Little Smiles depends on the generosity of private donors, and it works with a wide range of different organizations and professionals. Some of the individuals include doctors, nurses, medical professionals, social workers and others. The staff of Little Smiles works with children in many different medical settings and they are experienced professionals who learn about each unique circumstance of every child and his or her family. Little Smiles focuses on bringing as much joy as possible to children throughout Florida, Philadelphia and North Carolina, and it is one of the leading charities for hospitalized children in these areas. It depends on your generosity to sustain itself, and if you are looking to support a dedicated charity that truly helps improve the lives of sick children, Little Smiles is a great option.


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