Lobster Tail, Red Snapper, Grilled Lamb Chop, Pan-Seared Scallops, Cajun Jumbo Shrimp, Crispy Duck Curry, Asian Glazed Salmon, Sashimi Pizza, Geisha Ceviche, Tuna Tataki and Much More

Many that have traveled to Japan, but only some have been fortunate enough to encounter something so mysterious and powerful that it changed their lives forever… This is the mystery of Geisha. With deep roots in early Japanese culture, some estimate that the Geisha first emerged in the 600’s. Since then, the Geisha have evolved into an even more mysterious entity, permeating cultural barriers in intriguing and suspenseful ways. Many have tried to demystify the Geisha. However, when one asks, “What is a Geisha?”, the answer depends. The term “Geisha” literally translates to mean “artist“.

However, there is much more that defines the Geisha, and no two Geisha are ever alike. Despitethe Geisha’s original role in service, they have evolved over time, becoming true Masters of various art forms. Through deep commitment, the highest levels of self-discipline, and rigorous training and study, the Geisha today symbolize the highest level of creativity and expression. Those fortunate enough to cross paths with a “true” Geisha are often left with a feeling of awe, suspense, and longing. Evoking a spirit of mystery and yearning, the Geisha take on many forms, including that of warrior, server, entertainer, and even wise counsel. The Geisha are skilled in talents such as calligraphy, music, dance, poetry, gaming, and even the art of conversation.

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