WELCOME TO Kukaramakara

Kukaramakara born in Cali bar restaurant 11 years ago, on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs who envisioned the need to give a new look to the entertainment of the city. Such was the popularity of this new proposal shortly be opened in the Granada neighborhood saw the need to expand the space and relocate the facility in the San Vicente in a place with much more capacity.

The magic has gone beyond frontiers Kukaramakara reaching cities like Bogota, Medellin in Colombia, and in the city of Miami in the United States.
In Kukaramakara people not only delights the family atmosphere and Latin, but also no innovation in the area of entertainment and performing arts, as well as our huge range in our cocktails and fine dining. Every night Kukaramakara turns their lights, their sound and stage our band and countless artists manage to convey emotions to various generations surrender body and soul to the vibration of the music that is executed with skill and feeling.
Kukaramakara has earned the name "The House of Artists" because from the beginning we have supported the passage of many groups, bands and soloists who have found our pallets suitable habitat to develop their careers such as SIAM band (winners X Factor) Talent can say proudly born in our house.

Our Mission: To be leaders in the field of entertainment, and our main objective is, exclusivity, quality, safety, creativity and fun. Those are the words that describe and define us about our purposes in our field.

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